Status Module

The Status screens lets program directors/principal investigators (PD/PIs), their delegates, and signing officials (SOs) perform the following tasks securely:

What you can see and do in the Status module depends on the role associated with your Commons account. For this reason, the query and results screens in the Status module behave differently per user role. Help topics for the Status module are available for both SO and PI users.

Refer to How Does an AOR or SO Check Submission Status? if you have an SO or AO role.

Refer to Status for Program Directors/Principal Investigators (PI Role) if you have a PI role.

Accessing the Status Module

To access the Status module after logging into eRA Commons, use one of the two following methods:

  1. Click the Status button on the main eRA Commons home page:

Click the Status button on the main eRA Commons home page to access the Status module.

  1. Select Status from the main menu:

Select Status from the main menu, which is under the eRA logo in upper left.