Final Progress Report Additional Materials (FRAM)

A Final Research Performance Progress Report (Final RPPR) is required for any grant that has ended and any grant that is not to be extended through award of a new competitive segment. This report should be prepared in accordance with instructions provided by the awarding component. This topic discusses the steps for uploading, viewing, and submitting FRAM.

NOTE: Refer to the topic titled Refer to Submitting Your Final Research Performance Progress Report for information related to the Final RPPR.

The Final Progress Report Additional Materials (FRAM) feature provides a means for grantees to enter, review, route, and submit information in response to specific request(s) by the Program Official (PO) for additional information related to the Final RPPR.

While reviewing a submitted Final RPPR, the PO might determine that additional materials related to the submitted report are required. In this case, the PO submits a request for this information referred to as a FRAM request. When a FRAM request is made, the PI is notified via email; Final RPPR status on Closeout Status is updated to FRAM Requested; and a FRAM Update link appears in the Closeout Status screen. The link is located as an action on the Final RPPR Report line for Closeout Submission Requirement.