Viewing History of a Request

There are two ways to view the history of a request; one method for in progress requests that are not yet submitted, and another method for requests that have been submitted to the agency..

View History for a Work in Progress Request

  1. Find the request you want to view history for. All in progress requests are listed on the Prior Approval landing page. If there are too many to easily find it, SOs can use the Search for Requests button, or type text to match in the Filter Table text box; see Searching for and Modifying Existing Prior Approval Requests.

  2. Open a request.

    • From the Prior Approval landing page, click its linked Request ID number.

    • From search results listing, select Modify from its three-dot ellipsis menu.
      The details screen for the request appears.

  3. Open Closedthe Request History section of the request, which is at the bottom of the screen.

List My Requests Hitlist

View History for a Submitted Request

Submitted requests do not appear by default on the Prior Approval landing page.

  1. Find a submitted prior approval request.

    • SO: Click the Search for Requests button, select "Submitted to Agency" in the Request Status field, as well as any other search criteria to narrow the results, and click Search.

    • PI: Turn the Submitted to Agency toggle on.

  2. In the search results, Closedclick the three-dot ellipsis icon for a request and select View History.

Select View History from three-dot ellipsis menu in search results for submitted requests.

The Request History screen appears, showing actions that have taken place on the request. (Closedclick to view the history screen)

View History screen