Prior Approval - Other Request

The Other Request type is used in different ways depending on the agency providing the award. Prior Approval "Other Request" can be used for both FDA and NIH awards. The Other Request type appears only for signing officials (SOs) and does not appear for principal investigators (PIs).

For FDA awards, "Other Request" provides a generic request type for signing officials (SO) to make requests for FDA grants. All FDA grants are eligible for the Other Request type.

For NIH awards, "Other Request" is the required method for for signing officials to submit prior approval requests for changes to an approved Data Management and Sharing (DMS) Plan. For NIH awards, the "Other Request" type should ONLY be used for revised DMS Plan prior approval requests. See Special Instructions for DMS Plan Revision Requests.. below.

See Viewing and Initiating Requests for details on initiating a request. After initiating an Other Request, you see the following details screen:

Other Request details screen for Prior Approval


Submitting the Request to the Agency

Saving a Request

Canceling Changes to a Request

Deleting a Request