Revoking Institutional Submit Progress Report Authority

To revoke Institutional Submit Progress Report authority from one or more users within the same institution:

  1. Navigate to the Admin module.
  2. Select the Delegations option from the Admin menu.

    TheClosed My Current Delegates screen opens.

Institution Delegation link

  1. Click the Institution Delegation link.

TheClosed Institution Delegation screen displays, with the Current Delegates tab showing current delegates.

Candidates for delegation

NOTE: This section walks through the steps for revoking the authority. See Delegating Institutional Submit Progress Report Authority for the steps on granting the authority.

  1. Mark the checkboxes of the current delegate(s) whose delegation is to be revoked.

  2. Click the Revoke Delegation(s) button.

TIP: If bestowing or revoking Submit Progress Report authority for many users, use the bulk action tool to access the Select All or Deselect All options.
Select All or Deselect All options under the bulk actions tool

The ClosedReview Revoke Delegation(s) screen appears.

Review Revoke Delegation(s) screen

  1. Click the I Agree button.

You are returned to the Institution Delegation screen and a Success message appears in green at the top of the screen. The delegates whose authority you revoked no longer appear in the Current Delegates tab on this screen.

The Submit Progress Report authority is revoked for the selected users, and they receive an email informing them of the change.