Users of the Commons system can grant other Commons users from the same organization the authority to enter and process grant information, update Personal Profile (PPF) information, submit RPPR information, and work with specific modules. This method of assigning (and revoking) authority to other Commons users to perform specific functions is called Delegation.

Commons users can delegate specific authorities to other Commons users for their own accounts such as when a PI delegates the Progress Report authority to another PI or a Sponsor delegates to an assistant. Additionally, administrative users such as SO can delegate certain authorities on behalf of another Commons user. For example, an SO can grant an ASST user the Sponsor authority on behalf of a Commons Sponsor user.

Agency-Specific Instructions: Department of Commerce and SAMHSA. Delegations cannot be used for DOC and SAMHSA awards.

Listed below is a table of the types of delegation authorities in Commons, along with who can grant that authority and who can receive it.

Authority Type Delegated By Delegated To


Progress Report SO, AA(on behalf of PI) PI, ASST Enables the delegated PI/ASST to work on progress reports for another PI - Includes Interim and Final RPPR and HSS requests
Progress Report PI PI, ASST Enables the authorized user to work on progress reports for the PI - Includes Interim and Final RPPR and HSS requests. This does not include the ability to submit any RPPRs—only the SO can submit, unless they delegate that authority to the PI.
Sponsor SO, AA
(on behalf of SPONSOR) or SPONSOR
ASST Allows the ASST to work with the xTrain module for the SPONSOR
Status PI ASST Allows the ASST to work with the Status module. If a user needs access to edit the Final or Interim RPPR, then the user also needs access to the Status module.
PPF All users Active user within the organization Enables another user in the same organization to edit someone else's personal profile
Submit SO PI Enables the PI to submit RPPR and MYPR reports including Final and Interim reports
xTrain PI ASST Enables the ASST to work with the xTrain module and xTRACT

NOTE: Delegations are not permanent and can be revoked at any time.