Edit Delegations

To edit the delegations already assigned to users for your own account:

  1. Navigate to the Admin module.
  2. Select the Delegations option from the Admin menu.

TheClosed My Current Delegates screen opens. A table shows your existing delegations or indicates No Results Found if you have no delegations.

Select link on My Current Delegations

  1. From the three-dot ellipsis menu for a delegate, choose the Edit Delegations option.

ClosedThe Select Delegation(s) screen shows the selected user and the authorities available for delegation to that user. Active toggles next to an authority indicate that the authority has been granted.

Toggles for granting or revoking authorities to the selected user

  1. Edit the user’s delegations by toggling authorities on or off, then click Save.

eRA Commons sends an email informing the delegate of the change. The My Current Delegates screen shows the delegated user with a checkmark in the associated column for each authority granted. If all authorities are revoked, that user no longer displays in the table.