Modify an Existing Prior Approval Request

Once a Prior Approval Request is initiated, it is available for modification by the current reviewer.

Users are taken to the Modify Request screen when the user selects:

To Modify the Request:

The Modify Request screen contains a read-only heading section and request information. Closed toggler arrowClick here to view an example.

Users may perform the following actions on the Modify Request screen:

  1. Enter or modify Justification.
  2. Upload PDF documents (not to exceed 5MB. Some limits on the number of documents may apply per FOA or PO direction). The user may also delete uploaded PDF documents.
  3. Select the View History button to see the actions taken so far.
  4. Route the request (from SO to PI or vice versa).
  5. Delete the request.
  6. Select the Save button to save any changes on the screen.
  7. Select the Cancel button to return to the Prior Approval landing page.

$500K requests cannot be deleted