Prior Approval - Carryover Request

You must hold an SO role to initiate a carryover request. Carryover is a process through which unobligated funds remaining at the end of the budget period can be carried forward to the next budget period. The carryover of funds allows the Grantees to use the unused prior year funds in the current budget period. Grantees are allowed to carryover funds automatically if they have the expanded authority for their application. For all others, Grantees need to submit a carryover request to their respective Grants Management Specialists and Program Officials, who will review their request.

See Viewing and Initiating Requests for details on initiating a request.

After initiating a No Cost Extension, you see the following details screen.  

Main Carryover screen

Sometimes the ClosedCarryover Request contains IC-specific document requests, such as Consortium Budget, Budget Justification, Expenditure Plan, Checklist Page, and so on.

Carryover Optional Sections

  1. Be sure to fill out all required fields (with a red asterisk). You can drag and drop a PDF file from your file system onto the Drop file area, or click Browse to locate and select a file.

  1. To view or remove a file you have uploaded, click the three-dot ellipsis menu and select View or Delete. If you upload the wrong file, you must delete it in order to upload another, as only one file is allowed to be uploaded.
    Three dot ellipsis menu for viewing or deleting an uploaded file


    • Request ID - The Request ID is system-generated.
    • Amount of Funds to be Carried Over - You must enter the amount of funds to carryover. This field only accepts numbers and period with values up to two decimals.
    • Explanation of Unobligated Balance - Upload a single PDF document in this section detailing why funds were not spent.
    • Detailed Budget - Upload single a PDF document in this section with a budget that incorporates how the carryover funds will be spent.
    • Scientific Justification - Upload a single PDF document in this section that explains the need for the carryover funding from a scientific perspective.

Submitting the Request to the Agency

Saving a Request

Canceling Changes to a Request

Deleting a Request