Overview of LRP IBO Portal

For Extramural LRP Applications

An institutional business official (IBO) represents the LRP applicant's employing institution in an official capacity. The IBO must certify certain data for an LRP application before its published deadline. For a description of the IBO, see Institutional Business Officials on the LRP website. An IBO must have an eRA Commons ID and be assigned the business official (BO) role to complete certifications for an LRP applicant who resides at the IBO's institution.

The IBO must confirm and certify the LRP applicant's salary, U.S. citizenship, and other items. In the LRP application (Colleague Information form) in ASSIST, the LRP applicant identifies the IBO and subsequently, the IBO receives an email with a prompt to certify the applicant in the IBO Portal. For instructions on accessing the LRP IBO Portal screen, see Accessing the IBO Portal.

The IBO Portal is module in eRA Commons where the IBO can complete and submit required certifications for LRP applicants. You, as the IBO, receive an email from the LRP program like the following, prompting you to access the IBO Portal:

IBO Certify LRP application email