Accessing the IBO Portal

For Extramural LRP Applications

When an LRP applicant enters the IBO contact information in the Colleague Information section of the LRP application, the system generates Closedan email to the IBO asking the IBO to confirm certain data about the applicant. If you are the business official, follow the procedure below.

NOTE: If you get the following email in error, please log into the IBO Portal and indicate that you are misidentified as the IBO for the applicant, and the Division of Loan Repayment will contact the applicant to correct the IBO data. See Request to Be Removed as an IBO.

Email received by institutional business official prompting certification of LRP applicant

To access the IBO Portal:

  1. Log into eRA Commons; see Logging Into eRA Commons.

  1. Click the Apps menu in the upper left and select LRP IBO Portal.

After logging into eRA Commons, select IBO Portal from the Apps menu

The ClosedIBO Portal landing page appears.

LRP IBO Portal