Request to Be Removed as an IBO

If a Loan Repayment Program (LRP) applicant specified you as the Institutional Business Official (IBO), then you receive periodic emails asking you to certify the applicant's salary and employment data. However, you may be the wrong IBO, or perhaps you have moved positions and are no longer in a position to certify for the applicant. In that case, please log into the IBO Portal and let the Division of Loan Repayment Program (DLR) know that you are currently misidentified as the applicant's IBO. This helps DLR to take the appropriate actions to correct the IBO information for the applicant.

Requesting to be Removed as the IBO

  1. Access the IBO Portal; see Accessing the IBO Portal.

The ClosedLRP Applications screen appears.

  1. Click the three-dot ellipsis menu for each application for which you need to be removed as IBO, and select Misidentified IBO - Unable to Certify.

IBO Change Request popup for misidentified IBOs. Optionally, enter the reason you believe you are misidentified, or any other information, such as the new IBO name.

  1. Optionally, enter reasons you believe you are misidentified, or other helpful information such as the new IBO, and click the Submit button.

A success message appears. The information is submitted to DLR, where it will be investigated. A copy of your opt-out will be sent to your email. The application will remain in your portal until the applicant or DLR corrects the IBO information. In the Available Actions, you now see that a change request is pending.

Three-dot ellipsis menu option showing IBO change request is pending