Determining Your ESI Status

You can find your ESI Status in your Personal Profile. To find your ESI Status:

  1. Log into an eRA Commons account with a Program Director/Principal Investigator (PD/PI) role.
  2. Click Closedthe Personal Profile button or click the Apps menu and select Personal Profile. The Personal Profile Summary appears.

  3. Personal Profile button or Apps menu, from which Personal Profile can be selected.

  4. On the Personal Profile Summary screen, scroll down to the Education section and click its ClosedEdit link. The Education section expands to show your information.

  5. Education In Personal Profile with Edit button circled

NOTE: ESI buttons and information do NOT appear until and unless you click the Edit link for the Education pane.

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the Education section, and you see an area labeled ClosedEarly Stage Investigator (ESI) Status. If you are no longer an Early Stage Investigator, you see a note informing you of that status:
  2. If you are still an Early Stage Investigator, you see Closedthe date when your ESI status ends:

    ESI Still Eligible Status

    If you are near your ESI Status end date, and you experienced a qualified event where you were unable to work, such as a natural disaster, you can apply for an extension of your ESI Status to cover the time period lost to the qualified event. See How to Access the Link for Requesting an ESI Extension.