The Education section of the Personal Profile lets you lets you view, add, update, and/or access your:

  • Awarded and expected degree information
  • Areas of Post-Graduate Clinical Training
  • Eligibility for continuous submission

The Education section is considered complete when the profile contains at least one degree (complete or in progress).

IMPORTANT: To save any profile changes, you must click the Save All button, which is located at the top right of the screen. You can save profile changes ONLY after fixing ALL error items in red/pink that show a red x (Red x icon indicating an error), even those unrelated to your current change. If you save while errors exist, changes are NOT saved and you see an error message.

If you have one of the following Commons user roles, you have access to the Education section of the Personal Profile:

  • ASST
  • IAR
  • PI
  • Postdoc
  • Scientist
  • Sponsor
  • Trainee

Viewing Education

Click the Education section heading to see the section content.

The information displays as read-only.

  • Your Degrees
    Date Completed
    Degree and Institution
  • Your Post-Graduate Clinical Training Information
    Date Completed
    Area of Post-Graduate Clinical Training
  • Early Stage Investigator (ESI) Status (appears ONLY in Edit mode)

Editing Education

To edit any section, first click the Edit button at the upper right of the section headers:

Edit button for a section of the Personal Profile

While in edit mode, you can edit or delete your individual degrees and/or Post-Graduate Clinical Training Information records or add new information using Add a Degree or Add Post Graduate Clinical Training Information buttons.

When you are done with your edits, click the Save All button at the top of the profile to save your changes.

Your Early Stage Investigator (ESI) Status displays in edit mode ONLY. Look to the bottom of the Education section to view Your ESI Status. See How to Access the Link for Requesting an ESI Extension.

Education in edit mode

NOTE: Click the link titled For translation of degree codes click hereto open the Degree Codebook file. This link is only available while in edit mode.