Validating and Submitting an LRP Application

For Intramural or Extramural LRP Applicants

After you have filled out all required information, you can validate and submit your application. To submit, it is required that you possess a PI/PD role (principal investigator/program director) with the organization specified during LRP initiation. Validating the application ensures it is complete and error-free. If errors are found, the forms where they were found are listed. Before submitting, you should also verify that your referees (and mentor if you are a mentored research scientist) and IBO have submitted their required documents.

IMPORTANT: Consult the following for LRP policy guidance, including assistance on each field on the LRP application forms:
Instruction Guide for Extramural LRP Applicants:

Instruction Guide for Intramural LRP Applicants:
Also see the LRP website:

Each time you save changes on a form, a validation occurs to make sure you completed required fields. For instance, if you leave required fields blank you might see something like the following upon saving the form.

Validation Errors on Save

However the VALIDATE APPLICATION button does a more thorough and detailed validation than the Save button validation.

Validating Your Application

After filling out all required fields, click Closedthe VALIDATE APPLICATION button on the left, which examines the application for completeness and errors. If errors are identified, you must fix them before you can submit your application.

Validate Application button

You either see Closeda screen listing errors and the form where they were found:

Application Errors

Or you see Closeda screen that indicates no errors:

All Validations Passed

If you see errors, go to the screens where errors were found and correct them.

If you see a message that "All Validations Passed", you are ready to submit your application, which is detailed in the next section.

Submitting Your Application

The Submit Application button is on the Summary form but initially, it is disabled. To enable the Submit Application button, you must update submission status. Once you submit, you cannot make changes to an application.

IMPORTANT: Once you update the submission status, you can no longer go to forms and click Edit to make changes. Do not update submission status until you are sure the information you entered is correct. If form errors are found, such as duplicate files or incomplete fields, clicking Update Submission Status will prompt you to fix the errors before continuing.

To submit your application:

  1. After validation errors are fixed, click the UPDATE SUBMISSION STATUS button.

Click the Update Submission Status button to enable the Submit Application button
The Update Submission Status popup appears.
Update Submission Status popup, where you ready the application to be submitted.
  1. Select Ready for Submission in the Select the new status dropdown, then either:

    • Click the or continue without adding a comment link, outlined in red above, or

    • Type a comment and click the Add comment button.

The Submit Application button on the Summary form should now be enabled. The Edit buttons on all forms are now absent.
  1. Click the Submit Application button on the Summary form.

  1. Click Yes in the confirmation message that appears.

After a pause, the application is submitted and the following messages appear on the Summary form (outlined in red below):

After submitting, a message appears on the Summary form.

  1. You can click the View Submission Status Details link, outlined in red above, to see the Application Information popup, which shows pertinent information relating to your application, including the FOA number under which it was submitted.

  1. In the Application Information popup, shown below, you can click the Check for Status Updates button. When available, certain Agency tracking information becomes available. "Agency" refers to the federal agency who is processing your award.

Application Information popup after submitting application.
  1. Once agency information appears, you can click the Agency Tracking # in the above popup to view the Status Information screen for the application.

After submitting the application, you can monitor it via the Status Information screen in eRA Commons.