Monitoring LRP Application Status and Submissions Through Status

You can view the status, activity, and submissions for your LRP application. View the ClosedStatus Information screen, which is within the Status module, to monitor your submission. Reference letter information, such as submitter name and submission date, is available in the ClosedStatus Information screen.

LRP Status Information screen

To access the Status Information screen:

  1. Log into eRA Commons (see Logging Into eRA Commons for help.)

  2. Click the ClosedStatus button on the eRA Commons home page.

The Status: PI Search screen appears.
Status Search screen
  1. Under List of Applications/Awards, click the arrow button, outlined in red above.

The Status Result - List of Applications/Awards screen appears.
Status Result screen
  1. Click the [+] icon (outlined above at right), which opens the listing.

  1. Click the Application/Award ID number, outlined in red above.

This opens the Status Information screen for the LRP application, where you can monitor your application for required inputs from other participants, such as your referees, mentor, and institutional business official (IBO) or IC Coordinator.