How Does an AOR or SO Check Submission Status?

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Snippet of JIT Search Screen

Signing Officials can check the status of the applications that have been submitted for their organization using the Status module in eRA Commons.

After submitting an application, you have a two business day application viewing window to check the application and revise it. Your application automatically moves forward to agency staff for further processing after the application viewing window has elapsed unless you explicitly "reject" the application in eRA Commons. For administrative supplements, this two day viewing window can be skipped; see Bypassing the 2-Business-Day Application Viewing Window for Administrative Supplements.

Also see Submit, Track and View Your Application.

All signing officials can verify the status of the applications that have been submitted for their organization utilizing eRA Commons.

Searching for Recent/Pending eSubmissions

  1. Log into eRA Commons with an SO account.

  2. Navigate to the Status module and select Recent/Pending eSubmissions from the Closed toggler arrowSearch Type dropdown.

Search Type dropdown on Status home screen

  1. On the Closed toggler arrownext screen, enter search criteria and click the Search button. Search criteria options are:

    • Accession Number: A unique value assigned to applications before an NIH grant number is assigned. 
    • Tracking # A value is assigned by when the application is electronically submitted. 
    • eSubmission Status  (All, Pending Verification, or Rejected)
    • Received Date Enter a range of dates for the received date using the “From” and “To” fields.
      Either enter the date(s) manually in the MM/DD/YYYY format or by selecting from the calendar icon

In the search results, you can find links for actions, such as showing prior errors, in the three-dot ellipsis menu next to the Award/Application ID. Also see Status Search for SOs.

eSubmission Tracking Tips

For the purposes of eSubmission tracking, select one of the following from the three-dot ellipsis menu for a record in search results:

Checking for eSubmission Errors

  1. Check the eSubmission Status column to determine if your application status is “eSubmission Error” or “Pending Verification”.
  2. Use one of the two following methods to view the error messages and warnings. Closed toggler arrow(view example).
  3. Display of search results of recent/pending applications for SO

    Errors will stop the submission process and need to be addressed via a change/corrected application. Warnings will not stop the process but it is still critical to check the warning messages to ensure that any referenced issue does not apply to your application.

    • Method 1: Click the Show Prior Errors and Warnings link from the Show All Prior Errors column.
    • Method 2: If the status is "Pending Verification", select the Accession Number (AN:#######) displayed in the Application ID column to open the Status Information screen. Submission errors or warnings are displayed at the top of the Status Information page during the two day review period before the submission deadline. Refer to the help topic titled Status Information for more information on this screen.

  1. If warranted, click Reject eApplication in the Action column to reject the eSubmission of the application. To reject an application, see How Does an SO Reject the eApplication?.