Adding a Degree

You can add another degree to your profile using the Add Degree button in the Education component of the Personal Profile.

Before editing your profile, remember to first click the Edit button at the top of the Personal Profile screen to make it editable.
Edit button at the top right of Personal Profile screen

  1. Click the Add Degree button.

    ClosedThe Add Degree box displays.

    Add Degree box

  2. Enter information for the following fields:

Degree Name (required)

Select your type of degree from the drop-down list or choose Other Degree if not available.

For a translation of degree codes, please refer to the Degree Codebook spreadsheet located online (

ClosedStatus (required)

Select the appropriate radio button concerning the status of your degree and enter the month/year in MM/YYYY format: 

  • Completed in
  • In Progress, expected
    Choose a Length of program in progress from the drop-down box if your status is in progress.

Institution (required)

Enter the name of the institution. If outside the United States, enter the city and country in the next box.

Is this your terminal degree

Select the checkbox if this is the highest degree available in the field of study.

ClosedArea of Study

  • Enter a Primary area of study
  • Enter a Secondary area of study
  1. Click the Add button.


Select the Add another Degree button to repeat the steps for another degree.