When Should I Access HSS via the Status Module?

Agency-Specific Instructions: Department of Commerce (DOC). Editing Inclusion Enrollment Data is not applicable for DOC awards.

HSS is used to view and maintain inclusion data associated with your grant(s) and can be accessed in one of two ways, both through the eRA Commons system: via the Status module –or– via the RPPR Section G. Special Reporting Requirements.

When to Use the Status Module Instead of RPPR

There are a number of reasons why you might need to access inclusion data through Commons Status rather than through your progress report. For example:

  • Before award of a competitive application, changes may be necessary to the inclusion data submitted with the application via Grants.gov.
  • Post-award, there may be a requirement to provide more frequent updates to inclusion enrollment in addition to any reporting associated with the RPPR.

Inclusion data cannot always be updated using Status. When application is undergoing peer review, the inclusion data is not accessible in the Human Subjects System. Also, after a grant is awarded, only the View links will be available for the IERs associated with fiscal year award. The data for a given fiscal year is locked when the award is issued and no further updates can be made. At that point, you can make updates via Status for the record associated with the next fiscal year.

For details on using the Status module for accessing HSS, please refer to Access HSS. You can also access the HSS Online Help by selecting the help icons (question mark help icon) on any of the HSS screens.