Submitting Critiques and Scores

IAR allows reviewers to submit or re-submit critiques and scores for assigned applications during the Submit and Edit Phases. During the Read Phase, reviewers who have missed the due date and have not submitted a critique or criterion scores for an assigned application are still able to submit critiques and criterion scores; however, they will not be able to view the other critiques for this application until they have submitted their own.

Before submitting critiques and scores for an application, the reviewer can view additional information about the application by accessing the application Grant Folder. From the Grant Folder, several options are available for viewing including the e-application, prior summary statements (if existing), and any e-additions that have been added for the application. To view the Grant Folder, click the application number displayed as a hyperlink. Select the appropriate link from within the Grant Folder to view additional information.

Two methods of critique submission exist in IAR: MS Word critique template submission and online critique submission. A meeting is assigned to either online critiques, in which case all critique feedback is entered into IAR via the Online Critique screen, or it can be assigned to traditional MS Word-based critique templates. See About Online Critiques for information about online critiques.

The manner in which critiques and scores are recorded may differ depending on the type of review meeting in which you are participating. NIH business processes differ from those of other agencies and therefore require a different set of rules. Pioneer, New Innovator, and pre-applications review meetings may also have varying steps in their review process.

Click here to see SAMHSA-only Critique submission