Overview – LRP Award Service/Research Verification Portal

For Research Supervisors – Overview of Service and Research Verification

NOTE: Specific roles need to be assigned for a research supervisor to access the LRP Award Service/Research Verification Portal; see Roles for Service/Research Verification Portal.

The Loan Repayment Program (LRP) repayment process begins after an awardee completes each 13-week period (quarter) of LRP contractual service. As part of that process, the research supervisor of an LRP awardee is asked to verify the awardee's service and/or research. A Research Service Verification email is sent to the LRP awardee's supervisor at the end of each quarter. The email contains a link and instructions for completing the verification, which is required to confirm that an LRP awardee has completed their LRP contractual obligations.

For each LRP participant under their supervision, supervisors step through an interactive wizard Closed(the Service/Verification Portal) with questions that verify continued eligibility, such as meeting service hours and verifying that research remains within the scope of the LRP requirements.

Service/research verifications are time sensitive. Subsequent quarterly loan repayments may be delayed if verifications are not completed promptly. See the Loan Repayment Process on the LRP website for a description of the entire payment process.

If you are the supervisor of a Loan Repayment Program (LRP) awardee, your input is needed for the LRP awardee to continue to participate in the program. You will need to periodically verify details about the LRP awardee's research and service. The Service/Research Verification Portal can ask for the following types of verification each quarter for the duration of the award:

Service Verification: The awardee is still employed at the same institution, supervised by you, conducting research for an average of at least 20 hours per week per quarter, and the awardee is not expected to leave the research institution before the end of the next quarter.

Research Verification: The awardee's research project document continues to accurately describe the research performed.

There are both intramural and extramural LRP awards. For intramural awardees, the supervisor needs only to do research verification. For extramural awardees, the supervisor needs to do both research and service verification.

NOTE: For general information about the LRP program, see the LRP website.