Colleague Information

For Intramural LRP Applicants

The ClosedColleague Information form collects information about your research supervisor, mentor, and IC Coordinator. You should complete the Colleague Information form of the application at least two weeks before the submission deadline to give your referees, mentor, and IC Coordinator time to submit documents in support of your application by the deadline. The IC Coordinator you enter must possess a SPONSOR Commons role and be at the same organization that you specified when you initiated the LRP application.

To find your IC Coordinator, see the section titled Intramural IC Coordinators Contact List on this page:

Once the colleague information is entered and the form saved, an email is automatically sent to the mentor and to the IC Coordinator with instructions to submit their documents. The NIH does not contact your referees, you must reach out to them individually; see For Intramural LRP Applicant: Reference Letters and Monitoring Submissions.

IMPORTANT: Consult the following for LRP policy guidance, including assistance on each field on the LRP application forms: Instruction Guide for Intramural LRP Applicants Also see the LRP website.

Colleague Information screen of LRP application

To complete the ClosedColleague Information form:

  1. Click the Edit button to enable editing the form.

  2. Read and make selections for each field. Required fields are marked with red asterisks (*).

  3. To copy Research Supervisor information to the fields in the Primary Mentor section, click the checkbox at the top of the Primary Mentor section.

  4. In the IC Coordinator Official section, to save time, you can enter the NIH Commons ID and click the Populate fields from Credentials button. This populates the fields according to the personal profile associated with the eRA Commons ID entered.

  5. Click the Save button when finished. The form will be validated and alert you about any potential errors.