Steps for SO to Re-assign an Award

In the Status module, signing officials (SO) can use the "Re-assign Award" option from the Search Type dropdown to change the assignment of an award from one existing department or component to another existing department or component within their institution.

NOTE: This functionality is only available to signing officials from grantee organizations that are classified as Institutions of Higher Education. This tool cannot be used to create new departments or components.

To re-assign one or more grants:

  1. Log into eRA Commons with an SO account.

  2. Navigate to the Status module and select Re-Assign Award from the ClosedSearch Type dropdown.

Search Type dropdown on Status home screen

A Re-assign Award search screen opens.

  • STEP 1: Enter search criteria to find an award, then click Search.
    The School and Department dropdowns shows departments/components within your institution. (Closedclick to view)
  • Re-assign Search

    The search results are displayed.

    Select the one or more checkboxes of awards that are to be moved. To select all visible search results, click the checkbox at the top of the column of checkboxes. To make more results visible, increase the Show x Entries field.

    Once you have made your selections, click the Next button at the bottom of the screen. (Closedclick to view)

    NOTE: You can move all of the visible awards on a page at one time; however you cannot combine marked checkboxes on non-visible results pages into the current re-assignment step. To move grants on other results pages, you must go to those pages and do the reassignment.

    Re-assign search results

  • STEP 2:Select the School and Department to which the selected grants should be moved; then click Next.
    Only existing schools and departments are shown. (Closedclick to view)
  • Select destination School and Department

    STEP 3: Review the summary, which indicates the number of grants being moved and the destination. If the information is correct, click Submit. (Closedclick to view)

    Summary of reassignment

    In the Confirmation of Award Assignment popup, click OK. Closed(click to view)

    Confirmation of reassignment

  • NOTES:
    • Functionality is only available to Signing Officials from grantee organizations that are classified as Institutions of Higher Education.
    • Assignments are immediate in Commons. The new assignment can be viewed on the Re-assign Award search page.
    • Assignments will be visible in RePORTER on the following Monday.
    • Search criteria is limited to the current and future fiscal years, for awarded grants or pending type 5 grants.
    • You can select only awards that are currently visible on the search results page; you cannot mark checkboxes on multiple search pages to reassign. G