IPF Dashboard

Closed toggler arrowThe left side of the Institution Profile contains the dashboard of information including institution name, IPF code, update and access information for the profile; and eRA Service Desk contact information.

IPF Basic Information, highlighting Dashboard area

Institution Profile Information:

Institution Profile Navigation Links

Navigation links are available in the center of the dashboard for accessing the following sections of the Institution Profile.

Next to each link is a status indicator, providing a visual indication of whether all required fields for that component are complete. A green checkmark indicates that the information is complete, while a red X informs that information is missing. Selecting a link opens the corresponding component of the profile in a read-only view mode.

For Assurances & Certifications, the green check indicates that the ORI Certification is valid and not expired.

General Information:

eRA Service Desk Information

Includes the hours, phone numbers, and web address for contacting and creating a ticket for system support as well as a link to the eRA Service Desk website.