In order to document all correspondence related to awards, a Correspondence module has been instituted for SAMHSA awards.

This module is used to enable grantees and agency personnel to correspond; their emails and attachments are stored for future access and record-keeping.

How correspondence is initiated with the Agency.

There are three ways available to PD/PIs and SOs to access Correspondence.

  • From the Grouped View of applications/awards in Status (PD/PI)
  • From the Flat View of applications/awards in Status (PD/PI, SO)
  • From the Correspondence screen (PD/PI/SO)

Access from Status

  1. Navigate to the Status module.
    • Perform a search for applications/awards (SO)
    • Click List of Applications/Awards (PD/PI)
  2. From the Grouped view (PD/PIs), expand the application/award and then click the Correspondence button under Available Actions. Closed(click to view)

    Correspondence button on Grouped view of Applications/Awards

  1. In the Flat view (PD/PI and SO), click the Actions button to see available options and then click Correspondence. Closed(click to view)

    Correspondence link on Flat view of Applications/Awards

Access From Correspondence Tracking Link in Grant Folder

  1. Click the Application/Award link in either the Grouped or the Flat view to open the Grant Folder screen.
  2. In the Correspondence section, click the Correspondence Tracking link to open the Correspondence screen. (Closedclick to view)

    Correspondence Tracking link on Grant Folder screen

  3. From the Correspondence screen click the Initiate New Correspondence button. (Closedclick to view)

    Initiate New Correspondence button on Correspondence Screen

Each of the methods described results in the initiation of an email (Closedclick to view below)that;

  • is pre-addressed to the appropriate agency recipients
  • includes the award/application number
  • includes a unique token code

1. DO NOT CHANGE any of the pre-filled information in the initial message or subsequent replies.
2. ALWAYS use "Reply All" when responding to messages.

Pre-filled email for Correspondence

NOTE: If a default email client has not been set up or is not detected, a web version of the above email form opens and is pre-filled in the same way.

Use Correspondence Tracking to Manage Correspondence

As described above, the Correspondence screen is accessed from the Correspondence Tracking link on the Grant Folder screen.

  • The top part of the screen contains:
    • Grant Information
    • Agency Assignments
  • The bottom section contains:
    • Filter field
    • Choose Application drop-down
    • Initiate New Correspondence button
    • Correspondence history

This bottom section allows the PD/PI or the SO to perform the following actions:

  • Filter through the list of correspondence for specific information.
  • Use the Application drop-down to view the correspondence history of other applications/awards.
  • Initiate a new correspondence for the currently displayed application/award using the Initiate New Correspondence button.
  • View the history of initiated correspondence and any replies. This section provides the ability to;
    • View attachments
    • View the text of the correspondence email
    • Respond to replies from the agency.