Advanced Search

If you hold an administrator role (e.g., SO), you can perform a search on existing Commons accounts to locate PIs eligible for continuous submission. You can search for accounts within your institution or include those outside of your institution.

To perform an advanced search:

  1. Navigate to the Admin module, and select the Accounts tab.
  2. Under Accounts, select the Advanced Search tab to display the Account List screen.
  3. Enter the search criteria. The percent sign (%) can be used as a wildcard (e.g., Sm%).

    The Search within your institution checkbox is marked by default and means that Commons searches for matching PI records only within your institution. To include accounts outside of your institution, clear this checkbox before performing the search.

    NOTE: When searching outside of your organization, you must include the Last Name or Commons ID in your search criteria.

  4. Click the Search button.

ClosedThe results display in a search results table and might be listed over multiple pages. Use the pagination arrows access all returned account records.

Account List screen

The search results include the following information:

  • User Name
  • User ID
  • Email Address
  • Account Status
  • Role
  • CS Eligibility
  • Institution

The CS Eligibility column displays No or Yes to indicate the Continuous Submission Eligibility status of the PI. Click the linked user name to open the Continuous Submission Eligibility screen for that PI.

ClosedThe Continuous Submission Eligibility for <PI Name> displays the same information the PI can view from the Personal Profile. For more information on this screen, refer to the Personal Profile Reviewer Information topic, specifically Continuous Submission Eligibility Status.

Continuous Submission Eligibility screen