Search for an Application

Applications initiated in ASSIST are saved online and are accessible by multiple users who have been given access to the application. In order for a previously initiated application to be accessed, a search for that application must be performed on the Search for Application page. Only those users granted permission to view or edit the application can locate it via the search function. eRA Commons users with the Signing Official (SO) role can search and find any application within their own organization.

NOTE: If you are working on an LRP application, there is no need to search. Simply click the Go button next to INITIATE OR ACCESS LOAN REPAYMENT APPLICATION and you are taken directly to your in-progress LRP application if one exists. An LRP application is accessible ONLY to the Commons user who initiated it. If an LRP application does not yet exist for you, then clicking Go begins the process of initiating one; see Using ASSIST to Complete an LRP Application.

To search for an application:

  1. Log into ASSIST.
  2. From the welcome page, Closed toggler arrowselect the Search Applications button.

    Welcome screen with Search Applications button

    • Application Identifier

      This is the unique identifier for an application in ASSIST.

    • Application Project Title

      A partial title is acceptable. ASSIST searches for key words in the title name.

    • Agency

      Select a choice from the drop-down list.

    • PD/PI First Name
    • PD/PI Middle Name
    • PD/PI Last Name

      PD/PI name fields (First, Middle, and Last) can be used for any PD/PI in the complex application. When a search is conducted on a PD/PI name, ASSIST returns matching applications in which the PD/PI is a key person with the PD/PI role on the Overall component or exists on the SF424 R&R section under the PD/PI Contact Information Name.

    • Lead Applicant Organization

      This is the name of the institution that has submitted - or will be submitting - the complex application. When searching by this field, ASSIST returns applications in which the organization is the lead organization on the Overall component.

    • Submission Status

      This is the status for the electronic grant submission. Users can search on more than one status by selecting multiple options from the list while using the Ctrl key.

      The Hide Abandoned Applications? checkbox is selected by default and can be unchecked to include Abandoned status applications in search the results when no specific submission status is selected.

      The Submission Status query parameter field is shown with multiple status options selected for the query

    • Submission Date (from and to)

      When searching by submission date ranges, enter a date or select a date from the calendar.

    • Project Start Date

      This is the date when the project is scheduled to begin. Enter a date or select it from the calendar.

    • Project End Date

      This is the date when the project is scheduled to be completed. Enter a date or select it from the calendar.

  3. Closed toggler arrowSelect the Search button to display the closest matched applications.

    Search for Applications page with parameters filled out. Search button is at the bottom.

    Depending on the search parameters entered, multiple matching records may be found. These results can be sorted, by selecting the arrow in the appropriate column heading.

  4. NOTE: Clicking the Clear button at any time will clear the fields.

  5. From the results listed on the Search for Application Results page, Closed toggler arrowclick the Select button in the Action column next to the appropriate application.

    Search for Applications Results

    The Application Information page displays for the selected application.

Refer to the help topic titled Prepare an Application for details on completing an application.