Confidentiality Agreement

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For each meeting for which a reviewer is enabled, IAR checks to determine if the Confidentiality Agreement has been electronically signed. The Confidentiality Agreement statement must be signed one time for each meeting, regardless of meeting phase. ClosedIf the reviewer has not signed the agreement for a particular meeting, the Confidentiality Statement link under the three-dot ellipses icon on List of Meetings. This link opens the Confidentiality Agreement.

Confidentiality Statement links on List of Meetings

NOTE: The Confidentiality Statement links only displays if the reviewer has not signed the agreement for the meeting. The links are removed once the agreement is signed.

In IAR, reviewers are required to indicate whether they are federally registered lobbyists before being granted access to a meeting. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) policy requires a ban on the appointment of federally registered lobbyists to federal advisory committees and other boards and commissions. The steps for signing the agreement vary depending on this designation. The Confidentiality Agreement explains this process and prompts reviewers to provide a status before electronically signing the agreement and gaining access to the meeting.