Take a Sneak Peek: Redesigned eRA Commons Home Screen Coming in 2021

Say farewell to the legacy eRA Commons home screen.  Introducing the new edition that is scheduled to be launched in early 2021.

Both the home screen (log-in screen) and the landing screen (screen when logged in) will sport a new look.

New home screen (log-in screen)

Figure 1: Screenshots of existing and future eRA Commons log-in screens

Key features

  • Key information will be front and center – eRA Service Desk contact info, links to register an organization, to create an account, to submit a reference letter and to learn more about how to use eRA systems.
  • Easy access to ‘quick queries’; the queries help users figure out if their organization is already registered in Commons, which grants are pending closeout and more.

New landing screen (screen after log-in)

Figure 2: Screenshots of existing and future eRA Commons screens after log-in

Key features

  • Gone are the days of cluttered navigation bars.  After login, prominent buttons for status, personal profile and account management will get you where you want to go quickly.
  • Access other modules through a 9-square menu at the top left of the screen (see below)



Figure 3: 9-square menu to access other modules within eRA Commons


More information to come closer to launch.