IAR Meeting Phases

The process of reviewing applications is broken down into several meeting phases. The SRO* creates the phase dates in the IAR Control Center for each meeting. Before reviewers can see a meeting in IAR, the phases for the meeting must be set, the reviewer must have an active eRA Commons account, and the reviewer must be enabled for that meeting.

Note: All times are in Eastern Standard Time/ Eastern Daylight Time.

Note: Not all phases are used by every review meeting.
While some meeting phases are required (Submit Phase, Read Phase), others are optional (Recruitment Phase, Edit Phase) at the SRO’s discretion.

Note: The Chair of a meeting is not granted any special privileges in IAR regarding access to critiques. During the Submit Phase, the Chair will only be able to view critiques for assigned applications. During the Read Phase, the Chair will be able to read all meeting critiques (unless blocked or in conflict). The List of All Applications defaults to show a reviewer’s assignment list, but the reviewers can see the full meeting list of applications by clicking on the List All Applications link. If a Chair has no assignments, they will need to click on List All Applications link to view all meeting critiques.

Tip: *Other Transaction Authority (OTA) - Some screens and terminology may be different in order to accommodate review of OTA, a type of award that is neither a grant nor a contract but a different way of funding that is used across NIH. These changes will typically not be visible to NIH or agency reviewers.