Just in Time (JIT) Search for SOs

IMPORTANT: This topic pertains to the Just in Time (JIT) search screen available to signing officials (SO). 
To see related help:
- General Search screen for SOs, see How Does an AOR or SO Check Submission Status?.
- JIT screen available to VA applicants, see Just in Time (JIT) for VA Applicants.
- JIT search screen available to VA agency staff, see Just in Time (JIT) Overview for VA Agency Staff.

As a signing official (SO), you might receive an auto-generated email from eRA Commons alerting you that a Just in Time request has been made on one of your institution's applications. If this happens, the program director/principal investigator (PI/PD) and the SO work together to upload required requested documentation. The PI/PD can save the JIT package, but only the SO can submit the package to the agency.

NOTE:  The JIT link is removed once an application has been awarded. JIT capabilities can not be delegated.

To search for an applicant that has a current JIT process (SOs only):

  1. In eRA Commons, navigate to the Status module.

  2. Select Just in Time from the ClosedSearch Type dropdown.

Status Screen with Just In Time Outlined in Red

The Just in Time search criteria appears.

Just in Time SO Search Screen

  1. Enter search criteria to find a specific application, or use the JIT Status dropdown to find:
    Eligible for JIT: all applications eligible for JIT
    JIT in WIP: all applications with an in-progress JIT, or
    Submitted: all applications with a submitted JIT. Then click Search.

The ClosedSearch results appear in a table titled Status Result - Jit Search. See Standard Tools for Tables to learn about the filter and other table tool icons that appear over tables.

SO Search Results of JIT Eligible Grants

  1. On the desired application, click Closedthe three-dot ellipsis menu and select JIT.

The JIT screen opens.

If you are working on a VA application, see Just in Time (JIT) for VA Applicants.

If you are working on a non-VA application, see Just in Time (JIT) Screen.