Submitting Your Final Progress Report

A Final Progress Report is required for any grant that has ended and any grant that is not to be extended through award of a new competitive segment. This report should be prepared in accordance with instructions provided by the awarding component.

At a minimum, the Final Progress Report should include:

  • A statement of progress made towards the achievement of originally stated aims
  • A list of results (positive and/or negative) considered significant
  • A list of publications resulting from the project, including plans, if any, for further publication.

    A copy of reprints or publications not previously submitted should accompany the Final Progress Report. If publications have been submitted to the PubMed Central (PMC) archive, a reference to the PMC submission identification number may be included in lieu of submitting a hard copy.

  • Reports on the inclusion of gender and minority study subjects (using the gender and minority inclusion table as provided in the PHS2590)
  • Indication of whether children were involved in the study or how the study was relevant for conditions affecting children
  • Description of data, research materials (e.g., cell lines, DNA probes, and animal models), protocols, software, or other information resulting from the research that is available to be shared with other investigators and how it may be accessed

If a competitive renewal (Type 2) has been submitted, whether funded or not, the progress report contained in that application may serve in lieu of a separate Final Progress Report. In addition, at the discretion of the awarding unit, a reprint or pre-print may be used for this purpose. Grantees should contact the assigned Grants Management Specialist for information on these alternatives.

The Final Progress Report is accessible via the Closeout Status screen. To submit your Final Progress Report:

  1. In the Status module, search for awards.
  2. For an award that requires closeout, click the three-dot ellipsis menu and select Requires Closeout.

    The Closeout Status screen displays. FPR (Final Progress Report) is listed in the Closeout Submission Requirement column. The Action column includes and Initiate Final Progress Report link.

Closeout Status with Final Progress Report (FPR) link

  1. From Closeout Status, click the Initiate Final Progress Report link for the FPR (Final Progress Report) item.

    The Closeout - Upload Final Progress Report screen opens. Note that the report must be in a Adobe PDF format.

Final Progress Report (FPR) screen showing Upload and Submit buttons

  1. Click the Upload button and select a PDF file. ClosedThe file appears listed in the Closeout Final Progress Report section. At this point:

    • You can View or Delete the uploaded file.

    • You can Preview the submission, which will open a PDF with a header and each PDF file appended.

    • You can Save the final progress report. Updates can still be made later by the PI or SO.

    • If you are the final progress report is attached and correct, you can Submit to the agency. Only an SO or a PI with appropriate delegated authority can submit. If you are

Closeout-Upload Final Progress Report screen

When you save the report, the status of the report on the Requires Closeout screen updates to FPR Initiatedand the Action column contains the Edit link in addition to View Prior Submission link. for viewing the report.

Upon review of the Final Progress Report, the Program Officer (PO) may determine that additional information is needed from the grantee institution and will make a request for this information. This is referred to as a Final Progress Report Additional Material (FRAM) request. In this event, a FRAM Update link will appear in the Action column providing a means for submitting the additional material. Refer to the topic titled Refer to Final Progress Report Additional Materials (FRAM) for information and the steps for completing this request.