Submitting Interim Reports for RADx Grants

Certain Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics (RADx) grantees can submit their interim reports using the Add Additional Materials action in the Status module.

The following guide notices provide instructions on content and frequency of reports for the RADx grants eligible to use this functionality:

Updated Instructions on Interim Reporting and Carryover for RADx-UP Recipients

Updated Reporting Requirements for RADx-rad Grant Recipients

Further information on the RADx programs can be found on the RadX Programs website.

Contact principal investigators (PI) can start the process by uploading requested documents and notifying the signing official (SO), who then logs into eRA Commons and ultimately approves the submission by submitting it to the agency. Requests for additional materials may take place outside the Status module through email or some other communication mechanism or as part of the Notice of Award conditions.

Only signing officials can actually submit the additional materials. Contact principal investigators can add the requested materials and notify the SO via the Submitting Additional Materials to Agency screen, but the SO must sign into eRA Commons and actually submit the materials.

In a Status search results list, awardees initially see Add Additional Materials in the Action column (PIs) or under the three-dot ellipsis menu (SOs) for their award. If materials have been added but not yet submitted, the option is labeled Edit Additional Materials.

PI Search in Status

Figure 16: Principal Investigator View of Status Results

NOTE: In the signing official view of Status, the actions Add Additional Materials and Edit Additional Materials will appear under the three-dot ellipsis menu for grant.