Interim Report Additional Materials (IRAM)

The Agency may use Interim Report Additional Materials (IRAM) to provide a means for the grantee to enter, review, route, and submit information in response to specific request(s) by the Program Official at the IC (or AHRQ, if applicable) for additional information following the submission of an Interim RPPR.

As with the RPPR, a PD/PI (or Contact PI in the case of multiple PIs) can enter the IRAM.

However, only the SO can submit the IRAM to the agency.

IMPORTANT: For Revised Project Outcomes, please review the following information:

To submit revised Project Outcomes, SOs should follow the IRAM process for outcomes for Interim RPPRs and the FRAM process for outcomes for Final RPPRs with the exception that a text box will be provided to enter the new Outcomes text and click Upload instead of an Add Attachment button as with other RAM requests. (Closedclick to see an example)
IRAM screen for Revised Outcomes

Project Outcomes provide information regarding the cumulative outcomes or findings of the project.
Note that outcomes will be made publicly available, allowing recipients to provide the general public with a concise summary of the cumulative outcomes or findings of the project at the end of a competitive segment. The name of the Primary Investigator/Project Director will be attached to the public posting in RePORTER.

For NIH awards the length of the Outcome statement should not exceed half a page. In addition, the summary of outcomes or findings of the award must be written in the following format:
* Is written for the general public in clear, concise, and comprehensible language
* Is suitable for dissemination to the general public, as the information may be available electronically
* Does not include proprietary, confidential information or trade secrets

Please refer to the following link for samples of acceptable project outcomes:
See NIH notices NOT-OD-17-022 and NOT-OD-17-037 for additional details on this requirement.

The link for the request will be displayed in the Available Actions column as "IRAM". (ClosedClick to view the link in both the Grouped View and the Flat View in Status Results.)

IRAM link in Grouped View on Status screen

Interim RAM link on Status page

When you click the link, the IRAM screen opens and provides an Upload button. Click this button to select the PDF file that satisfies the agency request as well as any appropriate comments related to the request and/or file.

NOTE: For Revised Outcomes, use the text box to directly enter (or copy and paste) the Revised Outcomes text and then it can be uploaded as per the IMPORTANT: information box above. The text box caption will read, "Please provide Revised Outcomes here. Note, text in this field will be publicly available in RePORTER."

The character limit for the comments is 2,000 characters. (Closedclick to view screen and Upload button)

IRAM screen showing Upload button

After selecting the appropriate document, you are returned to the IRAM screen where you can enter comments and then use the buttons at the bottom of the page to:

  • Cancel - No changes will be made and you will be returned to the Status Results page
  • Preview - This opens the submission to let you view the uploaded document and comments that will be sent to the Agency.
  • Save - The selected document and comments (if any) will be saved for future submission.
  • Delete - The selected document will be removed and a different document can be uploaded.
  • Submit - Send the document and comments to the Agency.

You can also upload additional documents [limit 10] as well as View or Delete individual documents.

(Closedclick to view IRAM screen with attached document and comments)

IRAM screen ready to submit

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