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  • iEdison v4.13.4.1 Release Notes (External) (PDF - 67 KB) - 2/18/2016
    New Features:  For Non-NIH Agency Users New AMS Reset Password and Create Account Screens, New Non-Provisional Patent Application Number Formats are now Accepted, PCT Type Added to the Type of Patent Application’s Drop-down Menu
    Fixes: New Non-Provisional Application Number Format can now be Set if Patent Type is Changed, Error Message no Longer Dislayed when Saving Patent Types of CPA and RCE
  • iEdison v4.13.4.1 Release Notes (External) (PDF - 680 KB) - 1/22/2016
    New Features:  New Notification Message 180 Added to iEdison, Users can Save Child EIR with a filed Utilization Report on a Parent EIR
    Fixes: Message 260 Deleted for Patents not in Institution Retains Rights State


  • iEdison v4.12.2 Release Notes (External) (PDF - 1 MB) - 10/16/2015

    New Features: For All iEdison Users the About and Help Hyperlinks Connect to new Web Pages; A new PCT Patent Number Format and new Associated Validations are Implemented
    Fixes: On Modify Patent Report Screen the Enter Key now Performs the same as the Submit Button; Messages 260 and 5260 now Cleared when the EIR Status is changed to Not Elect Title — Assign to Other Party; Messages 130 and 5125 are not being Generated

  • iEdison External Version Release Notes (PDF - 1 MB) - 9/17/2015

    New Features: Agencies Only now have the Ability to Manage their Point of Contact Information

  • iEdison Version Release Notes (PDF - 65 KB) 08/27/15

    New Features:  New Requirements for Failure to Elect Title is Implemented with Messages(s) 100/5110 and 140/5150, PTO Recordation Option Added as a Document Category on the Patent Screen for the Other Document(s) Field, Patent Number Format Automatically Populated with Special Characters if Appropriate, Notes Section on Waived EIRs and Patent Reports are Blocked for Extramural Users, Voided Patents in the Patent Tree Identified for Agency Users Only
    Fixes: iEdison Messages 300 and 310/5310 are now Calculating Correctly, Data Stream no Longer Allows Uploading Patents to EIRs that do not Allow Patents, Research Tools Guidelines Agreement Screen Hyperlink now Points to the Correct Web Page

  • iEdison Release Notes v4.10.0.5 (PDF - 81 KB) 06/25/15

    New Features: Users are not able to Waive Patent with Outstanding Notifications for NIH Inventions; External Users Cannot Select Not-Elect-Title Options on EIR if Associated Patents are not Waived; Report Requirement Rules are Validated before Waiving or Not-Elect-Title for an Invention Record through a Data Stream Upload; EIR Utilization Report Reminders are Available for DOT

  • iEdison Release Notes v4.7.0.11 (PDF - 24 KB) 04/23/15

    New Features: The Paper Option is Removed for File Uploads on Invention and Patent Reports, Messages 260/5260, Provisional Due to Expire, are Triggered Based on Specific Invention/Patent Criteria
    Fixes: The Correct Notes are now Generated in the Government Notes when an Invention is Transferred, Suppressed Messages are now Unsuppressed after 30 Days, The DOE “S” Number now Appears when Exporting Invention and Patent Reports​​

  • iEdison Release Notes v4.7.0.8 (PDF - 34 KB) 03/12/15
    New Features: Certain NIH Inventions May Not Be Set to Not Elect Title Status; Notification Messages are Simplified Based on Submit or Reject Rather Than the Type of Patent; Utilization Report Reminder Messages Triggered by Entering of Fiscal Month; Remove Reference to Submitting Waivers via Non-Electronic Source
    Fixes: Institution Name is now Displayed in the iEdison Reports
  • iEdison Release Notes v4.5.1.3 (PDF - 94 KB) 01/30/15
    New Features: Ability to Send Feedback/Suggestions for iEdison. Patent Reports in a Waive Status are not Modifiable. Changes to the Generation of the Confirmatory License Form's Patent or Application Serial No. and the U.S. Filing/Issue Date Field Values


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